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Disregard - Limited Run of 50

The TriodeWorks DISREGARD is a tribute to the sound of Nirvana's Nevermind album. At its heart, there are two painstakingly sourced circuits to achieve tonal precision:

  1. LONG-DASH Distortion: This circuit expertly mimics the original 1978 DS-1, featuring the unobtainium Toshiba TA7136P (actual NOS!). It further dials in the vintage sound with true NOS 1S2473 high-speed diodes which give your signal a perfect clipping texture. Many other features, including 2SK30A transistors & proper polyester film capacitors, ensure that the audible experience is EXACTLY what one would expect. To keep true for the purists, this half of the unit is properly buffered via JFET circuit & momentary switch. The main bit that sets this circuit apart from the original 1978 design is the implementation of the later "always on" LED indicator (as NOBODY like the "momentary blink" indicator).

  2. Mini-Me Chorus: This circuit brings you the shimmer and warmth of the pre-90s Small Clone with the added benefit of modern circuit analysis. Included is, of course, a NOS Panasonic/Matsushita MN3007 BBD - the heart of the effect. For sake of reliability and longevity, capacitors are primarily WIMA Film and Würth Electronik electrolytic. Although the original use circuit only calls for a Rate dial & Depth switch, thanks to some prototyping (and quick-start point thanks to Kevin & Amanda at Aion FX), we've included a Mix control AND swapped the Depth switch for a full dial control. So, in addition to getting that PERFECT 1991 sound, you can also explore a full range of lush chorus not available at the time of original release. Note - this half of the unit is True-Bypass switched.

The DISREGARD will be produced to a maximum quantity of 50 units (not including a maximum of 10 demo/prototype units). Unit #P1 (prototype #1) will be kept forever in the TriodeWorks archives. Unless otherwise stated, all TriodeWorks units require a standard 9vDC (center-pin negative) power supply for operation (not included with purchase). Although this unit requires <50mA, we recommend using a minimum supply of 100mA to ensure reliable startup.

As with all products that are "Made in USA", some components are NOT. Thus, we will always properly label our units as "(mostly) Made in USA" for transparency. Let's face it - it's designed here, drilled here, assembled here... but components come from all around the globe.

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